Awkward To Awesome

I’ve mentioned before that one of the things I love most about our new home is the floorplan.  From the moment I first walked through the front door, I could tell that the builder put a lot of thought into making sure that every inch of space was functional.  Dinner parties and holiday gatherings have been a breeze and so much fun because the floorplan allows for the perfect flow for guests…right down to being able to hear the children play an earshot away.

Even with the incredible design, there was an awkward space under the staircase that I wasn’t quite sure how to style. 


I decided to design a cozy corner that I could use for reading and coffee, and it’s turned into quite the special area in the family room…the littles are already to trying to take it over!  It was super easy and affordable to do, too.  All I needed was seating and an accent piece or two.

Here is a breakdown of how I pulled it all together:

1.       Seating – Arm Chair vs. Bench

Either one would really look lovely in the space, but I decided to go with an armchair, because I wanted a “cozy” feel.  Found this one, the Cream Linen Sargon Arm Chair, on sales at Kirklands for $250.  Shipped it to the store for free!


2.       Accent Pieces – Round Table & Floor Lamp

I went with a glass accent table that I found ON CLEARANCE at Hobby Lobby for $60.  I actually grabbed the table before I even knew where I wanted to put it.  But I happen to be a die-hard Seminoles fan, so the gold arrow legs on the bottom made my heart skip a beat.  I knew I’d be able to use it somewhere.  Also found this adorable floor lamp ON CLEARANCE at HomeGoods for $35.  Really?!  Thank you, clearance gods!  Don’t mind if I do!


 3.       Area Rug – 5’ Jute

This 5’ round jute rug was available on Amazon for $59.  With Prime, it was here in two days.  Quality product with minimal shedding.  I think the fur babies enjoy it more than the rest of us…they always seem to be laying on it now. 


After consulting with my friends at Pottery Barn, decided to install floating shelves in the recessed wall.  The flicker candles from Pottery Barn are a safe option to use so close to the wall, and they look amazing when they’re on, both day and night. 


Grand total for this awesome space…$404…Boooooom!


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    • Marnette Belle
    • November 28, 2017

    Your home is spectacular and I too love the floor plan, very functional. The awkward space turned out awesome. I’m loving everything you do.


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