Back To School 2019

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Can you believe we are approaching the end of summer? My kids had a wonderful time with their various intensive camps, outdoor adventures, travel and lots and lots of swimming.

They always look forward to Back To School shopping, but it’s honestly not my favorite thing to do. The twins like to bicker like an old couple about pretty much everything…”I get to try on shoes first!” “No, YOU went first LAST year!” And I’m just standing there like a deer in headlights trying to figure out how my oldest is about to entire High School…sigh.

So, to make things a little easier on myself for Back To School 2019, I did a LOT of online shopping. And here is a lovely little pearl of wisdom that I didn’t know: Target has school lists available online (in most areas), and literally at the click of ONE button, your children’s school supplies are ordered and at your front door in no time! WINNING!

Regarding fashion, the twins are still fairly easy. The Boy always looks super cute in a graphic tee, cargos and his favorite shoes, Vans. The Girl has a very “girlie” style so she loves accessories, trends and anything pink. The Prima was a little tougher to shop for this year. As an incoming Freshman, she hasn’t really identified her personal style just yet. But she was open to a little help from Mom (thank God!), so I put a few age appropriate looks together for her too.

Here are a few things we came up with. Hope it gives you some great ideas. And for a full try-on haul with the girls, click here to watch their video.

Favorite Looks For High School Girl

Striped Jersey Dress

Favorite Looks For Middle School Boys

Favorite Look For Middle School Girls

And I’m loving the color of this sweater for Fall!

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