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This is my first blog as a 2019-2020 Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker!  I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am for this opportunity.  And I am so humbly honored to share this platform with such a distinguished group of bloggers!  

As part of the BHG Live Better Influencer Network, I’ll be sharing awesome tips and inspirational ideas using Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart products.  I will receive compensation for my time and effort to create these posts.  But as always, my opinions are my own.  The convenient shopping links I will provide for you will help support the blog, at no additional cost to you.  Now, let’s get started! 

In today’s blog, I’m sharing ideas on affordable ways to make your house feel like home with a stylish and functional entryway.  

A statement making entryway is one of my favorite ways to make a house feel like “home.”  With just a few simple steps, you can create a magazine worthy entryway for you and guests that you welcome into your home.  My entryway was really long overdue for an update.  Here’s a look at the “before.”

As you can see, it was very “warm and inviting,” but I didn’t feel like it really made a big “first impression,” and I was also struggling with some of it’s functionality.  I found that no one EVER sat on the bench in front of the stairs, and we also needed more storage space for the tons of pillows and blankets we use in the family room.

To start, I updated our gallery wall, or “The Wall of Fame,” as I like to call it.  This area truly makes me happy because it showcases some of my favorite shots of the children and family to greet guests as they first come into our home.  However, I wanted more impact.  I found these stunningly beautiful Brass Gallery Wall Frames and I fell in love with the clean lines and warm tones.  They are offered in several different sizes, which was perfect to give the wall some variety.  For a super dramatic effect, you could use all black and white photography.  But I prefer color photos of my children, so I chose a few of my favorites and got right to work.

Brass Gallery Wall Frames

I find it helpful to map out a plan before I start putting holes in the wall. I use old wrapping paper and cut it down to the size of the frames. This lets me test out several different gallery options before I’m ready to commit.

What a difference, right? And to add an even more personal touch, I updated the opposite wall with the same frames, and framed some of my oldest daughter’s gorgeous art work.  I know I’m her mom, so I shouldn’t say this…but, she’s quite good, don’t you agree?

Brass Gallery Frame

Next it was time to deal with some of the functional basics.  I updated the bench that no one ever sat in with a console table, and then styled it with this Gold Lantern Pillar Candle Holder.  If you’ve been following for a while, then you know how much I love candles (both real and flameless).  They are a very easy and affordable way to not only warm up a space, but to make your home smell amazing as well.  Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart offers a variety of aromatherapy products, but the Soft Cashmere Amber scent is a personal favorite.

This candle smells AMAZING!

Another affordable way to accessorize your space is by adding accents that offer visual texture and personality, like this Geometric Tabletop Sculpture.  Stack it on top of a book or next to a small planter for a fun and fresh look.

Now, I realize that (flameless) candles on the staircase isn’t always practical, so you won’t find them on my stairs all of the time.  But it’s a “go-to” styling technique I like to use whenever I want to set an inviting mood for guests.  I styled them in a Gold Hurricane Pillar Candle Holder and more varying sized lanterns to make a subtle, but stately impact.

Finally, I added wicker baskets that are perfect for storing shoes, items to go upstairs, or pillows and blankets.  Not only are they functional, but they add a bit a character that seems to say, “welcome home.”

I hope you got some great ideas on ways to take your entryway from “house” to “home.”  Click here for the full video tour on my YouTube channel.

I’m already working on the next project for your guys!  So until next time,

Love & peace.

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