Quick Tips On Styling Your Laundry Room

I’ll be honest.  Out of all the chores I hate doing the most in the house, laundry makes the top three on my list every time.  It’s the never ending story of gym funk, 6-year old streaky underwear, paper and change left in pockets and the sock sniper who successfully steals an average of one sock per load.  Wash, dry, fold, put away and repeat…except, I rarely get to the put away part.  Hell, I rarely get to the fold part!  You’d be amazed at how skilled I’ve become in shoving those piles into a corner so that you can’t see them in all those great shots of our home.  I HATE DOING LAUNDRY!

So, needless to say, styling my laundry room has been very low on the priority list.  But, it’s a very inexpensive room to style, so I figured I’d get it done, and share some tips with you.  So here goes!

  1. Add Texture
    1. When dealing with a small space, adding texture is an easy way to give that space some life.  Anything from installing backsplash, to something simple like a really cool laundry hamper with patterns or weaving, like wicker, can help add texture.  I found this hamper on clearance, and checked texture off the list. 
  2. Add Accessories
    1. My favorite accessory is greenery.  You see it all over my house.  Not only does it bring life to a room, but it adds a pop of color to break up a bland space.  I found these really cute Bunny Williams topiaries from Ballard Designs.  The pot has some metal elements that are perfect for that whole adding texture thing that I mentioned in point number one.   
    2. Wall art is another accessory that is very affordable, and allows you to display your creative side!  I’ve seen some really cute and creative laundry room wall art all over Pinterest.  I opted for these cool prints of clothes pins I found on a free download website.  
  3. Add Rugs
    1. Throw rugs and runners add interest to the floor, and also helps out with that…texture thing…(see how I keep mentioning that?) it’s kind of a big deal.  I used to be terrified to pick rugs because finding the right pattern would freak me out.  But now I just go for it!  After all, it’s only a rug.  They make more. 

That’s it…texture, accessories and a rug.  Made a huge difference, and I didn’t have to make a huge investment.  Guess what I’m off to do…




    • Tiffany
    • November 6, 2017

    Good morning,

    I absolute love your style. We, too, live in Tampa near the Wesley Chapel area. Do you happened to do interior decorating for residential home. We moved into our home not too long ago and are looking into hiring a decorator to help decorate the house.

    Thank you

    • ElleXNC
    • November 24, 2017

    Great tips…I just wish I had your laundry room…mine sucks. But you did give me some ideas…LOL..

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