The Art of Mixing High & Low End Pieces in Home Decor

After almost 4 years in this home, the office is finally styled! One of the reasons it took so long was because I had an idea of what I wanted, but when I looked at getting the room done from a budgeting standpoint, it was going to take some time…and creativity.

The budget challenge is what started me on the path to learning the art of mixing high and low end furniture, to create a custom, luxurious look. So I wanted to share my top tips with you as well, and hope they help you to take a creative approach to bringing your dream room to life.


Your statement piece will most likely be the focal point of the room. So it could be anything from a piece of furniture, or a light fixture. But this is where you can invest a large portion of your budget, and save in other areas of your design. I teamed up with Corbett Lighting on an Instagram project and selected the perfect statement piece for the office. The Flirt Chandelier offered just the right amount of sparkle, romance and elegance…and the little pieces of amethyst made me want to scream with delight (okay, I really did scream). This chandelier with truly stunning.


Varying your textures by mixing metals, finishes and fabrics will allow you to create a layered look that can make the room appear to be more expensive than it really is.

We added a stencil design from Cutting Edge Stencils to the ceiling to give a subtle pearl effect. You can click here for product information.

The Lily Scroll from Cutting Edge Stencils

Texture on the walls with hand painted wall art.

Sparkly area rug from At Home Stores
Have fun and be creative with mixing metals, fabrics and elements!

Check out this ADORABLE French Bulldog Trinket Box


I found this half-moon writer’s desk on Craigslist for $99. You read that correctly…NINETY-NINE DOLLARS. When I was doing some research on what it would cost to have one custom made, the lowest quote was for $3550. And the most affordable one I could find online was listed at $2200. But by searching site like Craigslist, or thrift stores like The Salvation Army or Goodwill, you can save hundreds of dollars. It does take a bit of patience to do it this way, but it’s well worth it if you aren’t on a time crunch.

Also, shop your home. Sometimes an old piece can look and feel totally different with a simple hardware change of a fresh coat of paint.

My children’s old playroom console that was almost sold in a garage sale!

By sticking with these three key tips, I was able to create a space that was not only friendly on the budget, but a space where I can come in to truly feel inspired and motivated to work.

Click here for a full video tour!

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