The Mellionaire House

Hi there!  My name is Melonie, and super excited that you’re here!  I’m a quirky and creative 3rd generation Florida-girl, and I absolutely love everything about the sunshine state!  Well, maybe not the latter part of summer, so much.  But mostly everything else!  I’m a wife to a great guy, and a mom to three amazing littles.  Two of them are twins, and the oldest is a very bright and talented 11-year-old competitive dancer.  I’m also a girl-boss with way too many years of experience in advertising and marketing to mention here.  Time really does fly!  I’m so happy to finally be starting this blog as a much needed creative outlet. 

For as long as I can remember, my heart was happy when I was making things pretty.  It started when I was a little girl, and I’d go with my Grandmother (who was a self-educated interior designer) to some of the finest homes in South Tampa to consult with her clients.  We’d swoon over luxurious fabrics and décor.  Then we’d go home and I would watch her create some of the most incredible custom window treatments and upholstery that my little eyes had ever seen.  I would also try to recreate the looks in my little Barbie house…over, and over again!  And now, I do the same thing in my own home.  Create looks, and then recreate them…over, and over again.  My husband is a patient man!  Especially during the holidays…oh, you just wait and see! 

I believe that a home should be a place of peace and a reflection of who you are.  That simply means that I tend to make my own rules when it comes to design and décor.  We recently purchased our 3rd new construction home, and I would love it if I could share the journey of house-to-home with you!  Thank you so much for visiting, and I hope to share something you like.  Something you can connect with.  I’m totally obsessed with all things décor, style and the occasional DIY.  I also love myself a great bottle of wine!  So I’ll share all these things with you, and maybe you’ll stay for a while.  Please enjoy this journey in The Mellionaire House.