Tween Bedroom Upgrade

I can’t believe that February is almost over!  I had a great birthday, but was definitely feeling a little older this year with all this grey hair I’m starting to see…yikes!  But I’m thankful that I got to celebrate another year…life truly is incredible.  But enough about me…this blog is about the Prima’s room refresh!

She decided last month for her birthday that she wanted to upgrade her room.  We consulted on a style and we decided to give her something chic and sophisticated…after all, she’s 12 now.  🙂

I decided to make her focal wall a true statement piece with a gorgeous stencil and some beautiful wall art.  I love the French language, and found a lovely French poem at Cutting Edge Stencils that I thought was just perfect for this phase in her life.  In English, it means, “Oh time suspend your flight, and you favorable hours suspend your course.  Let us savor the fleeting delights, the most beautiful of our days.”

I’m hoping to post my first tutorial on YouTube soon with some great tips on the proper stencil technique if you decide to try it out.  They aren’t complicated at all, but they DO require a lot of patience.  In the meantime, here are some progress shots.

Her walls are pretty tall for a second story room, so I wanted to fill in the space above her bed with something custom that would add some dimension.  I worked with a really cool shop I found on IG @parris_petals to create paper petals, and they gave us a really cool 3D effect.

Finally, I found some really cute bedding from Pbteen, including a scalloped duvet cover and a black and white striped bed skirt…YES!  And then I went on the hunt for coordinating window panels, and found them at Overstock…it’s been a while since I’d shopped with them.  I’d forgotten how many “hard to find” products they have.  Her chaise lounge came from there as well.  It actually has some storage space, and so does the ottoman at the end of her bed, which I found at Homegoods.

She is really loving her new space.  She’s an incredible kid, and deserving of a lovely space to enjoy her quiet time.  The next room to tackle is the boy twin’s room.  Should be a fun one!


    • ElleXNC
    • November 24, 2017

    Very pretty!!!!

  1. I am so impressed by this design! She must love her new room.


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